Product Development

Taking who your company is into a digital and emotional direction in order to attract target consumers. Innovus Tech concentrates on the feeling people get when they think of your company.

Helping brand to build and shape preconceived notions based on past experience. By creating and combining logo, copy type, messaging and photography to direct interactions that position a brand as they should be perceived.

  • Competitor Discovery
  • Experience Mapping Workshops
  • Organizational Immersion
  • Product Discovery
  • Stakeholder Interviews
  • User Discovery
  • Brand Positioning
  • High-Fidelity Prototyping
  • Iconography
  • Illustration
  • Interactive Components
  • MVP Roadmaps + Technical Planning
  • User Flows + Wireframing
  • UX + UI
  • 3rd-Party Integrations
  • Back-End Developemnt
  • CI-CD Pipeline Management
  • Database Optimization
  • Front-End Development
  • Integration Testing
  • Quality Assurance Testing
  • Server Resource Optimization
  • Vulnerability Testing
  • User Acceptance Testing
Ongoing Support
  • Content Update
  • Design + Development Sprints
  • MVP Development
  • New Features Release
  • Releases Planning

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