Pipeline-centric CRM
built and priced for your business

crm pipeline


CRM for businesses

  • Leads

  • Track all your leads of your new prospects and potencial clients.

  • Pipelines

  • Organize your deals visually and intuitively. lets you create and manage individual deal pipelines for each different processes in your day-to-day sales cycle.

  • Schedules

  • Maintain a clear overview of all your important activities, like tasks, calls, and events.

  • Products and Services

  • Create a list of products and services that automatically associated with new deal.

  • Import and Export

  • Manage data from your spreadsheets, automating the process so that you can get up and running faster.

  • Roles and Profile

  • With custom roles and profiles, you can replicate your organizational structure in CRM.

  • Reporting

  • Schedule a reports and get real time data needed to optimize your business.

  • Automations

  • Save your time by automating business workflows to focused on your business.

crm dashboard crm schedules crm people


Simple and Affordable


₹ 599

/month billed annually
699/month billed monthly

  • Single User
  • 500 Records
  • Predefined Pipeline
  • Reports
  • Predefined Products
  • Predefined User Roles
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₹ 899

/month billed annually
1099/month billed monthly

  • Included everything in standard +
  • Custom Pipelines
  • Custom Products and Services
  • Custom User Roles
  • Custom Domain
  • Workflow Automations
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Custom Pricing

As per your requirements we will design and develop products for your businesses and organizations.

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