What are the uses of websites

UX is a problem-solving discipline. At its heart, it’s about building products that solve customer problems


This costs time and money, and it’s estimated that a mind-boggling 50pc of a developer’s time is spent on avoidable rework. That is, work that could have been avoided if the software had been designed properly the first time.


One study (reported in Usability: Business Case) has estimated that fixing issues after development can be up to 100 times more expensive than fixing them during design.


The same study shows that, on average, programmers spend nearly half their time on a project reworking issues that were avoidable. Getting it right from the start can save those labour costs.


UX increases your sales

“The impact of UX is crystal clear: the more satisfied your users are, the more likely they are to do whatever it is you are encouraging,” said Abby Covert.


If you are encouraging users to buy products, UX will get them to do more of that, increasing your sales.


UX increases customer loyalty

Well-designed software increases the probability of users solving their problems with ease, thus becoming repeat users and bringing others along too. This will also filter through to your brand reputation.


UX helps you be competitive

It shouldn’t come as a surprise that the companies that heavily invest in UX are market leaders and continue to grow – Apple, Facebook, Google, Amazon, the list goes on.


These companies invest in UX because it delivers better products, happier customers, motivated employees and reduced development costs. All sources of competitive advantage.


UX has power to save any business. So would like to do some ux research on your product or website ? let us know in comments. Don't forget to checkout our website www.innovustech.in .


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What are the uses of websites
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